in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

day 1, semester 2.

Here we go! Today marks the official day one of semester two, year one, of my experience as a graduate student pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Science with a school media specialization.

I’m spicing things up this semester. Translated, this means I’m taking two courses online while taking one on campus. Translated, this means I’m currently freaking out and attempting to not freak out about this switch to a predominantly online learning environment.

Therefore, this being day one, I’ve set up some general ground rules, which I’m hoping will alleviate some of the stress while also make the online environment just as comfortable as the in-class environment. (Sidenote: the fact that I can now be ‘in class’ while wrapped in my favorite fuzzy blanket with a never ending supply of delicious coffee only a few short feet away in my kitchen is a perk.)

  1. When the laptop is on the desk, it’s school time. Correlaries to it being school time are:
    -Two hours at a time, max. Preserve the mental health.
    -Pandora. Reading of a screen is something I’m still not quite used to – music helps.
    -Nix on the social media. No facebook open, no tweetdeck (my favorite of favorite distraction), not even pinterest (I don’t even like pinterest yet, but it’s a decent distraction.)
    -No checking email. (Sidenote: email annoys me anyway. Figured I may as well throw in a perk.)
  2. One day a week is designated “non-school day”. Last year, I had three on campus classes, and it’s a bit easier to think of them as “Monday’s work, Tuesday’s work”, etc. Online classes have the potential to sneak into “every day’s work”. So, one day each week is non-school day!
    -Correlary: non-school day just might also be bake-cookies day.
  3. CALENDAR. I really need to get to work with a calendar for the semester, and keeping track of when things are due. It’s a bad habit I’ve never fully dropped. (Sidenote: I highly doubt I will fix this in one semester.)

I’m sure I’ll come up with a few more guidelines as this adventure continues. Anyone with advice is welcome to contribute! 🙂


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