in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

Wrote this for my #ist663 class, but since it’s posted in Blackboard, y’all didn’t have the privilege of reading. So here goes! 🙂

I’m curious if anyone else in this class has studied multiple intelligences theory before, or at least finds it interesting. I’ve always had a penchant for personality theory, on the whole, and multiple intelligences is sometimes considered under that umbrella (although we’re looking at it in a education/learning-focused way in this module).

I fully admit, candidly, that my interest in personality theory stems from my own difficulty understanding people (and I include myself in that). I found this website rather informative in regards to learning styles, and it’s a bit different than the learning styles presented in the book based on Kolb’s research. (The website is listed in the ‘more resources’ section of Chapter 3 on the website, for the record). Although I think one could simply read through the various learning styles and probably identify their preferences, I thought I’d share this with anyone interested – it’s an assessment for multiple intelligence/learning styles.

My preferences fall in line as such:


So I’m curious if anyone else is curious about this subject, or has any thoughts regarding it! I use this knowledge not so much to reinforce my own preferences, but to see where I could stand to gain a bit more understanding – trying to find a greater balance between ‘interpersonal’ and ‘intrapersonal’ is an effort I’ve been undertaking for a while!

Thanks for letting me geek out on this subject. 🙂


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