in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

A quick word of explanation:

all week, I’ll be blogging/tweeting/vlogging (if I’m brave) “day in the life” posts, in conjunction with the Hack Library School team. If you want to know more about the project, or jump in — read here!

Today I am…

  • at my high school library internship! Wednesday is my last day, so I’m wrapping up some projects (and starting up one or two for my host librarian to continue once I leave here). I taught classes on Thursday and Friday on digital footprints, blogging and creating a positive web presence, and the like. They were very discussion-based and I was pretty impressed with some of the ideas my high schoolers had!

    summary of projects I’m devoting time to today:

    updating and curating our GoogleSites page for the library, to make it more reader-friendly.
    collecting research and best practices on “genre-fying” a school library fiction collection, to be compiled into a report with suggestions on if we should implement it here.

  • wearing a black cardigan. It’s the staple of my cold-Upstate-NY wardrobe, and I don’t care if it’s stereotypical.
  • drinking my usual 6 cups of coffee (that’s 36 ounces) and then switching to hot H20.
  • planning to dive into new modules for my online courses, IST 611- Technology in Educational Organizations, and IST661- Management in School Libraries this evening over dinner. I’m not even sure what topics we’re on this week, because I avoid checking into BB until I have time to pay attention. Wheeeee!
  • using a MacBook Pro, because the high school I’m at is an All-Mac school. Which means I could take this awesome photo for you!
    (Yes, my coffee mug is huge. We call it the Timmy Ho Twenty Fo, affectionately.)
self, black cardigan, coffee mug. in a high school library office room.

self, black cardigan, coffee mug. in a high school library office room.

I don’t plan to blog every morning this week, so you’ll get some “here’s what I will be doing” and you’ll get some “here’s what I did” posts depending when my free time emerges. Join us, if you’re a fellow libschool student!

Sidebar: I’m on twitter, @intjME, and if I decide to vlog I’ll embed the video here.


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