in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

It’s Tuesday. And day two of this project. Twosday?

It’s been said that I occasionally have “intense” hair. Well, I’d like to think it’s just a natural overflow of my intensely bubbly and helpful personality! Science tells me it’s probably just a combination of genetics and humidity, though.

Must. drink. more. coffee.(Note, the Timmy Ho Twenty Fo makes another appearance!)

Must. drink. more. coffee.
(Note, the Timmy Ho Twenty Fo makes another appearance!)

Today, I am, among other things…

  • trying to learn useful ‘tricks of the trade’ regarding GoogleSites, and how to build, curate, and manage them. Why is this harder than normal, you ask? Because my host school’s filtering policy blocks Google Help. Yep. So this project will continue tomorrow, when I’m at home and unfiltered!
  • helping out my host librarian and/or students with anything that comes up during the day. The fun part of being a librarian is something happens almost every day that must be handled almost immediately! To me, that’s fun. 🙂

Stay tuned! You never know what will happen as the day goes on…

And now it’s late afternoon and I can report that…

I found some rather entertaining infographics this afternoon. My host librarian asked for some, so, I went out in search and it was really quite fruitful. I decided to share this Anatomy of a Librarian one with y’all.

But unrelatedly, “The Very Very Many Varieties of Beer” was even more fascinating.

I’ve got assignments, modules to read, and food(s) to make tonight. See you on the twitters! 🙂


Comments on: "LIS student Day In The Life #2" (2)

  1. Marie, I’m thoroughly enjoying this “day in the life” blogging. As much as I enjoy reading people’s response to class prompts, your more casual tone this week is refreshing. The “anatomy of a librarian” infographic was fascinating (though I resent the style of glasses chosen for my age group!) And truly, your coffee mug is a wonder to behold…

    • Marie Evans said:

      Thanks for the comment, Milly! There were a few quibbles I had with that infographic but I shared it anyway. I’m glad you’re enjoying this — it was really something I just noticed Monday morning and hopped on to. Perhaps if something comes to mind this week that fits in the “day in the life of a library student” theme you should blog about it! Let the creative juices flow and don’t worry about impressing anyone. (Which is my typical blog writing style to begin with, but when it’s for class, I feel more pressure. I’m sure you understand what I’m saying!)

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