in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

Here I am… blogging yet a-a-gaiiiin… (okay, so “Hurricane” is stuck in my head and now you all know).

I was at home most of the early part of the day. What did I do? Well…

  • drank a lot of coffee, black.
  • learned an incredible amount about GoogleSites and how to manage a Google Site, and what you can’t do on a Google Site if you’re not an “owner” of the site. #frustration
  • read through the mash-up document of Common Core state standards and the Information Fluency Continuum, not for the first time, but for probably the third or fourth time…
  • worked through a module for a class, and posted to the discussion board. Whee, Blackboard!

And then I went to the clinic and tried to figure out why, after a 14-dose course of antibiotics, I’m still feeling sick. Answer: I’m probably still fighting off a virus 3.5 weeks later. So there’s that.


  • went to Panera so they could make me dinner because I’d spent so much time in the urgent care clinic that I couldn’t comprehend coming home and then making dinner.
Yet another photo in this weeks series of "Marie, staring at camera, holding large beverage container in hand". This time, it's not coffee! #shocking

Yet another photo in this weeks series of “Marie, staring at camera, holding large beverage container in hand”. This time, it’s not coffee! #shocking

  • I consumed a lot of unsweetened acai berry tea and did some mindless “Internet things”, like checking email
  • got to work on an assignment for my “tech in educational organizations” class. I actually made quite a bit of progress!
  • One of my brothers called, and we chatted for a good fifteen minutes 🙂

And now I’m hanging out at home, watching coverage of the filibuster on CSPAN2, and contemplating making a banana-mango drink with my awesome food processor. Tomorrow’s another day! Gotta build up my energy. 🙂


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