in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

A bit tired, so this will be quick. First, what you’ve all been waiting for…

Day 4: drinking a homemade fruit smoothie!

Day 4: drinking a homemade fruit smoothie!

1 very small banana, 3/4 c. frozen mango, 1/2. lowfat vanilla yogurt, splash or three of lemon juice. Process. Drink!

So what did I accomplish today?

  • obviously I made a smoothie. and coffee. and I made chicken-white-bean enchiladas for dinner. and I just took a small batch of molasses chip cookies out of the oven. I love food and beverage.
  • I spent around 3 hours cleaning and packing today. This also included un-building an Ikea entertainment center using only a hex key. My thumbs are still a little sore from that.
  • returned books to the local public library JUST in time! they were due today.
  • returned a few emails. did a bit of job searching.
  • Posted a blog for my practicum “class” in Blackboard; organized my thoughts for the due-soon-assignment that I’ve been working on a lot this week.

So it might sound like I haven’t done much, but I really have! And now… it’s Penguins v. Flyers tonight. So I’m listening to the radio broadcast, sipping a Maple Pecan Porter courtesy of Samuel Adams, and ready for those cookies!


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