in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

This week in my “Technologies in Educational Organizations” class, we’re discussing two not-very-related things: podcasts, and QR codes.  If you’re not certain how I feel about QR codes…we could discuss it, or…

So, while I read about QR codes and did try to think about them (see above result), I went with podcasting!
Here are the instructions, which I… somewhat followed. (Oops?)

Try creating your own 1 – 2 minute (approximately) podcast. You can make it a news podcast, a booktalk podcast, or anything that you think could be one in a series of regularly distributed podcasts. This could be something you would use on your own (as in a personal web site or a blog) or something that could be a regular feature on your school’s library web site.

Okay, I said. I can do that. So I downloaded Audacity for free, because I don’t think I have sound recording capable software on my computer [note: I most likely do, but I figured why not get the most out of this task and learn something new to boot?]. And then I realized Audacity has a bit of a steep learning curve — while it doesn’t seem hard to use, I think it has approximately a bajillion functions which I ignored for the time being. I learned:

  • how to add a time track
  • how to add a blank audio track onto which to record
  • how to figure out the whole moving-the-time-forward-and-backward thing
  • how to add an audio track to play in the background
  • how to open the sound mixer for the two tracks

And then I went to town, as I am wont to do. Now, in the context of the assignment, I will explain: my theme, if you will, is a regularly occurring podcast in the vein of “Learn Something New”. The facts are thus:

  1. I am a librarian.
  2. I like learning new things.
  3. I like talking about the things I have learned.

So this seems like a grand opportunity! Admittedly the audio isn’t that great — I’m going to try to figure out more of the “clean up” tricks in Audacity soon, but having an embedded webcam in a laptop that you use many hours of the day means it picks up sounds you don’t want. ALAS. Additional note: I had to search for web-based storage space for a .wav/.mp3 file. WordPress requires you to upgrade in order to upload those sorts of files. I used’s free account this time…but I don’t know what I’d do if this was a regular sort of thing. Any suggestions?

Enjoy the Americana! 😉

Note: Click the link. Download the file, and open it in Windows Media Player or whatever it is you use for audio files. And please let me know if you have trouble with this. I didn’t realize that hosting/embedding/etc., would be such an issue!


Comments on: "Podcasting? SURE, LET’S TRY THAT!" (5)

  1. I used to feel the same way about QR codes until I just recently obtained a smart phone! I have been living with a dumb phone this whole time and this week being able to read QR codes with my phone was a blast! So I feel your pain (or at least I did) with the whole dumb phones don’t read QR codes, thing.

    I really enjoyed your podcast give you credit for being brave enough to record your own voice! I thought it was interesting how you had the Americana music playing in the background while you gave us a little history about the genre. Then you tied it into what you would be doing on the blog. I think podcasts are a great way for students to learn new things and to share their knowledge with others.

    • Marie Evans said:

      Thanks Erin! The beauty of making just a “podcast clip” was that I recorded it about 5 times and got less nervous each time. Still weird to hear your voice played back to you, though! 🙂

  2. Katie Hassman said:

    Great podcast! You have great content and an easy-to-listen-to tone and cadence throughout (although to be honest, I love me some Americana myself, so I may be biased) 🙂

    I think that this could be a great project for students as it could really connect with things they learn and love to do outside of school. Here I am thinking mainly of music. I am not sure what it is, but music is always a really great entrance into conversation with students and I have found in my own work teaching and tutoring that if you allow students to explore their own interests in music it can be really motivating. Nice work on this!

    • Marie Evans said:

      thanks for the comment, Katie! it was nerve wracking. I think my voice was so soft (normally it’s not like that) because I was trying to make sure I didn’t wake anyone in the house, as I was doing this rather late at night, and it made me sound different. My mom said I sound like “someone on NPR” so i guess that’s a good thing! Ha. I had fun with it and feel more confident that I’d want to do this sort of thing with my students someday 🙂

      • Marilyn Arnone said:

        Hi really enjoyed your podcast and the music. I agree with your mom about your voice! It’s also quite soothing to listen to. Glad that this exercise increased your confidence level!

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