in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

Here’s the breakdown of the first half of the day!

There was a keynote. It was decent, but admittedly my coffee hadn’t kicked in to great effect, and I was trying to get in my inaugural blogpost before it happened. Here’s my interpretation of what happened, though:

  • the speaker discussed that Amazon just bought Goodreads. I barely use Amazon because I have no extra money, and I’ve never once liked Goodreads, so I’m not nearly as outraged as many librarians are. (Note: not all librarians are outraged; but some are. That was the general feel of the room to me.)
  • Customer relationship — even if they’re not necessarily buying a product — is important. Learn how to do it. Train yourself; train others; treat people incredibly well.
  • “A 1% change in website satisfaction can predict a 14% change in revenues generated on the web” was a statement that generated conversation.

Session 1: “To Flip Or Not to Flip” – internet @ schools track
Kari Arfstrom, Executive Director, Flipped Learning Network
Pat Semple, Upper School Librarian, Bullis School and Metropolitan Washington Independent School Librarians Association

  • “What is the best use of your face-to-face class time?” <–the #1 question you need to ask yourself
  • The idea of lecture as homework, project as classwork is the general idea, but we want to broaden that idea — that’s the “flipped classroom” idea, but we want to look at flipped learning itself
  • “A lot of the reason to flip library instruction is to be more efficient” with my time — Pat Semple
  • One of Pat’s comments was that transitioning to a flipped environment means that your physical environment will necessarily change. There needed to be more space for tables, chairs, places for “meeting of the minds” — and as such, shelves were condensed and the physical facility had to change to meet the needs of the students. Keep your users in mind was obviously the driving force behind that.

Session 2: “The Seven Deadly Sins of Websites” – Web Presence track
Casey Schacher, Resource Discovery Librarian, University of Wiscosin – Madison, Memorial Library
Paige Mano, Web Communications and Social Media Coordinator, University of Wisconsin – Parkside Library
Tony Aponte, Science & Engineering Librarian, UCLA Science & Engineering Library

Here are the highlights.

  • Your website is acting as a librarian. It needs to be good.
  • Consistency is highly valued. If a page is PART of your website, it should LOOK like it’s part of your website — don’t get fancy with every single page. Make them look uniform!
  • Use analytics on your website to figure out where your users are clicking, and what they’re looking for. Then prioritize those items.

Sidenote: this tweet came out of that session…unrelatedly, I should probably fill that prescription for new contacts!

And here’s your drinking-coffee picture from the second session! SO EXCITED.

second session with my mug!


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  1. You look dashing darling, and very caffeined up! I’m not sure I understand any of your notes, but you can decipher for me when you get home. Have a good time.

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