in which I attempt to be a rockstar teacher librarian :)

Who Am I? What Am I Blathering On About?

Here’s the Rundown:

-INTJ refers to Myers-Briggs typology. We’ll probably get along just fine, no matter your type, but I find it to be rather insightful in terms of interpersonal communication and understanding of differences. ME are my initials… for now.

-I’m a youngest child with tendencies of an oldest child and an only child.

-Cranium is probably my favorite board game. Also, Scrabble. YAY WORDS.


I like to hang out in Panera and refill my coffee cup a lot.
I wear my glasses when I’m too lazy to wear contacts.
I cheer for the Orioles, wear black cardigans with everything, and have blue eyes.
What else have you learned about me from this picture? Visual literacy in action!

-I’m a semi-loud librarian, who enjoys watching students investigate and learn- particularly when they didn’t set out to learn. 🙂
I’m a graduate of the MLIS-school media program from Syracuse University’s iSchool.

Follow me on twitter @intjME for quirkiness in 140 characters or less. Email me at if you feel the need!


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